Common Dizziness Complaints

The room is spinning.  When I roll over in bed I get dizzy.  When I look up in the shower to rinse my hair, I almost fall down.  I’ve tried not to move because I’m afraid I will get dizzy.

These are common complaints we hear in the office when someone has BPPV.  BPPV, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, is the most common cause of veritgo.  Inside the vestibular organ (balance organ) are otoconia (tiny calcium carbonate crystals) that shift when we move.  Normally, the shift of the otoconia sends a signal to the brain that we are moving and the eyes respond accordingly to our movement.  BPPV occurs when the otoconia fall out of place and move through the fluid filled canals of the vestibular system, tricking the vestibular system to think it’s moving.  During this event, the eyes will actually rotate making the patient perceive that the room is …

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