Hearing aids that meet your unique lifestyle

Berge Hearing Clinic proudly served the Guelph, ON and surrounding areas in Ontario with state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, diagnostic audiological and audiovestibular examinations, tinnitus consultations, and evaluation for vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium and imbalance.

The Canadian Doctors of Audiology

Active Lifestyle

Working outdoorDo you like to attend live sporting events, large group events or other social gatherings? An Active Lifestyle Hearing Aid may be for you. Learn More +

Casual Lifestyle

CasualCasual Lifestyle hearing aids are great for people who do occasional driving or meet with small groups. Learn More +

Quiet Lifestyle

QuietIf you have difficulty hearing your television, or friends when eating out at a quiet restaurant then a Quiet Lifestyle hearing aid may be for you. Learn More +

Very Quiet Lifestyle

VeryQuietYou have modest hearing requirements for very quiet environments such as a religious service or small gathering of friends. Learn More +

Practice Location

Visit our convenient Guelph, ON location to consult with our friendly office staff. We’ll match the right hearing technology to your lifestyle.

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